SENSIndoor holds special session at the EUROSENSORS 2016

June 03, 2016

Several members of the SENSIndoor consortium will hold a joint special session on the project at the 15th EUROSENSORS conference. The session’s title is: “Nanotechnology-based multi-sensor systems for Indoor Air Quality – Real time monitoring for improved health, comfort and energy efficiency.”

They will use the occasion to introduce the functionality and technology of their developed IAQ sensors. The SENSIndoor project aims at developing highly sensitive and selective control systems for indoor air quality.

The EUROSENSORS conference will be in Budapest, Hungary, on September 4th – 7th 2016. The joint session is expected to be on the last day and will include seven talks with following titles:

  1. Introduction and Application requirements and project goals: selective detection of hazardous VOCs at ppb level for IAQ.
  2. Pulsed Laser Deposition for improved metal-oxide gas sensing layers.
  3. Novel low-cost selective pre-concentrators based on metal organic frameworks.
  4. SiC-FET sensors for selective and quantitative detection of VOCs down to ppb level.
  5. Miniaturized integrated gas sensor systems combining metal oxide gas sensors and pre-concentrators.
  6. Dynamic multi-sensor operation and read-out for highly selective gas sensor systems.
  7. System calibration and evaluation under defined lab and real field conditions.

The EUROSENSORS conference is a wonderful opportunity to learn extensively of the SENSIndoor project and to meet its members in person.

Early bird registration for the conference ends on June 17th 2016. For more information, please visit the event’s website.