SENSIndoor Presentation at EUSAS Conference

July 26, 2016

September 8-9, 2016, Paderborn, Germany

SENSIndoor partner Tilman Sauerwald from USAAR-LMT will give an oral presentation at the EUSAS conference in Paderborn, Germany: “Low Power Sensor System for the Detection of Inorganic and Organic Fire Gases”.

He will present the functionality and technology of SENSIndoor’s sensor systems and discuss their usability in the field of fire detection. Especially the combination of sensor and pre-concentrator into a small, low-power system has great perspectives for the selective detection of various fire markers. To this end the technology can help to develop early stage fire detection which will be as well safer against false alarms. The presentation will be in September 9th at prospectively 11 am. The EUSAS conference 2016 carries the title: “The New Perspectives for Fire Detection by Novel and Innovative Gas Sensing”.

If you are interested in learning more about different application scopes of our research, you should definitely attend this event. Early bird registration is possible until July 29th 2016.

Please find more information on the event’s homepage.