Successful project presentation at the Sensor+Test 2016

July 04, 2016

The joint booth at the Sensor+Test 2016. Two experimental demonstrations, the discrimination of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer and the in-field calibration of sensors illustrated the principle of the sensors and showed their high usability.

The SENSIndoor consortium proudly looks back to a very successful event at the Sensor+Test Fair 2016. SENSIndoor presented itself on a joint exhibition with MSP and IAQSense, two other EC-funded projects. The joint booth attracted many interested visitors, both, from industry and science. Prototypes of four ultra-sensitive sensors and sensor systems were presented leading to various contacts to potential clients from the HVAC industry and other branches. Thus, the conference offered a perfect chance for networking, as the project is slowly moving towards its end.

On top of everything was a special session, which offered the possibility to present the project in-depth and to focus on its remarking usability and scope of application. The SENSIndoor members were very happy to welcome many visitors to this session.

Other possibilities to get in touch with SENSIndoor are the Indoor Air 2016 (Special session 1178 on July 07, 2016) and the EUROSENSORS 2016 (Special session on September 07, 2016).