• 03/02/2015
    SENSIndoor partners meet in Pfinztal, Germany

    After 12 months of research and development, SENSIndoor partner Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (FhG-ICT) invited the project consortium to their premises in Pfinztal, Germany, for the 2nd progress meeting of the project. From 28 – 29 January 2015, the consortium members brought each other up to date regarding the work progress in the different work packages of the project and...

  • 15/12/2014
    SENSIndoor project presented at recent EuNetAir meeting

    As the idea for the SENSIndoor project was born within the context of the COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir (European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air-Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability), SENSIndoor partners from Saarland University, NanoSense, Fraunhofer ICT, University of Linköping, University of Oulu, SGX, SenSiC, 3S and Picodeon took the opportunity to  present...

  • 24/09/2014
    LiU/Applsens invited talk at “The Cities of Tomorrow” Conference 2014

    Anita Lloyd Spetz, SENSIndoor Team Leader and Deputy Director of EuNetAir, is invited at “The Cities of Tomorrow: the Challenges of Horizon 2020” Conference, Torino, Italy, September 17-19, 2014.

  • 01/09/2014
    SENSIndoor partners at the AFM Conference

    Donatella Puglisi from the Applied Sensor Science Group at Linköping University, Sweden, attended the Conference on Advanced and Functional Materials (AFM 2014), held in Kolmården, Norrköping, Sweden, on August 20-21, 2014. Poster presentation from D. Puglisi, J. Eriksson, C. Bur, A. Schuetze, A. Lloyd Spetz, M. Andersson on “ Silicon carbide field effect transistors for detection of ultra-low...

  • 21/08/2014
    SENSIndoor partners at EUROSENSORS 2014

    SENSIndoor coordinator, the Lab for Measurement Technology at Saarland University, Germany, and SENSIndoor partners from the Applied Sensor Science Group at Linköping University, Sweden, will participate in the EUROSENSORS 2014 conference with talks about volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The 2014 EUROSENSORS conference will be held at the University of Brescia, Italy, from 7-10 September 2014....

  • 25/06/2014
    SENSIndoor consortium members meet in Oulu, Finland

    The first progress meeting of SENSIndoor was successfully concluded on 12 June 2014. The consortium members met for two days in northern Finland to discuss the first six months of the project and streamline the tasks for the upcoming months. The definition of priorities and requirements stood at the center of the technical part of the meeting. Members of the SENSIndoor Advisory Board were also...

  • 24/04/2014
    LMT presentations at E-MRS spring symposium 2014

    From May 26 to 30, 2014 the spring meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) will be held in Lille, France. LMT will contribute to symposium B "Advanced functional materials for environmental monitoring and applications" which is organized by the COST action EuNetAir. In addition, Prof. Schütze will chair the session B XII on Sensors for VOC detection on Thursday, May...